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    MPL Premier Division Playoffs January 22-23

    January 2, 2021 - MPL Media

    Sporting North Texas Vagos battled it out today to close out their final regular season game versus Warriors United Football Club. The Final Score 2-0 a win for Sporting NTX Vagos.

    This keeps the Vagos in contention for the final playoff spot going to the last two weeks of the season. They will wait for Inter McKinney to play their final two games on the schedule. 

    Inter McKinney can't afford to lose 1 game, or  Sporting NTX Vagos will claim the final spot.


    Playoffs - Will be on January 22-23 with the Championship scheduled for 29-30 depending on weather. 


    2021 Fall Season Player Registration Closed

    Please click on Registration Link (Button) to register to as player. Please ensure that you register with the permission of the club. 

    League Cost

    Division Annual Membership Club Cost per Season Player Registration Cost
    Men Premier $250 $250 Per Season $15 per Season
    Men Pro Amateur D1 $250 $200 Per Season $15 per Season
    Men Elite Amateur D2 $250 $175 Per Season $15 per Season
    Women Premier $250 $200 Per Season $15 per Season
    Women D1 $250 $175 Per Season $15 per Season
    Women D2 $250 $150 Per Season $15 per Season


    Metroplex Premier League is a Regional Dallas – Fort Worth Area soccer league with ambition to create a pathway from Recreational / Academy Leagues to Pro Amateur League with a affordable league entry. Metroplex Premier League (MPL) is targeting members of local soccer recreational leagues that want to compete at higher level not just within a recreational atmosphere. 

    MPL Mission: To educate and support local soccer clubs that want to grow their clubs in a Pro Amateur environment.

    MPL Vision:  Connect  Our League through Pro / Rel  with a National League for clubs to earn their way up the pyramid of US Soccer while providing players with exposure to pro clubs or college scouts.

    Sponsored by USSSA Soccer

    USSSA Soccer

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    USSSA Soccer is our sanctioning body, an affiliate member of the United States Soccer Federation.  The USSSA National Champions League (NCL) is comprised of the top USSSA competition from around the country.   Teams and organizations are members by invitation only. NCL is operated by USSSA, the country’s largest multi-sport organization and a member of U.S. Soccer. Seasonal year: January 1 to December 31


    Fall  Season
    August to December
    Spring Season
    March to July 

    Home / Away  Matches

     Contact Email:
    Facebook: @MetroplexPL  

    MPL Office Contact Us


    Phone: 817-435-2662

    League Sponsors

    Sponsored by Valerius Sports

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    League Standards

    Home Field

    100  x 65 Minimum

    Grass or Turf

    (4) Corner Flags

    Water For Referees

    Uniforms Match / with Numbers

    National Anthem (Premier & Division 1)